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La Gería – winemaking region

La Geria is the traditional home of viniculture on Lanzarote. Where wine has been produced for over 500 years. In centuries past Canarian Malvasia wine was a prestigious drink. Bottles graced the top tables of kings and queens across Europe and it was widely regarded by the cognoscenti as ‘the nectar of the gods’.

This popularity was partly attributable to William Shakespeare, who was fulsome in his praise of ‘malmsey’ or ‘sack’ (as Malvasia was often called then). So much so that references crop up in no less than thirty of his works. He certainly had a vested interest in promoting the stuff. As poet laureate he enjoyed an annual allowance of 268 gallons from the Crown, free of charge!

Today there are still a number of bodegas open to the public, as the wine fields of La Geria are a testament to the resourcefulness of island farmers. They managed to turn the devastation of the volcanic eruptions at nearby Timanfaya to their advantage – using volcanic chippings, called picon, as a unique form of porous mulch.

The vines are also protected from the wind by stone semi-circles, called zocos. And thousands of these dot the landscape – creating a truly impressive sight.

Head for the patio at local bar-restaurant El Chupadero to enjoy excellent local wines, tapas and breathtaking views across the winefields and over to Timanfaya.